3 weeks

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This weekend Tammiq is three weeks at home. It really goes well. She adapted great! She copycats the other dogs, so now she already knows the commands ‘sit’ and ‘give paw’. Also potty training is really going well, a few accidents every other day, but we do not mind. We really thought it would take a lot longer because she…

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With pride and joy we propose to you Tammiq. After a few very difficult days we got in contact with Yanne and Peter (www.leveninderoedel.be). Tammiq is born on the 19th of July 2016, so a little bit older than that we had in mind. But their website, their way of breeding, what they feed their dogs…. we immediately had a…

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On september the 22nd, we came to a verbal agreement with the breeder. Against paying a deposit we were able to give our own name for Sangi’s pedigree. We were deliriously for the next weeks! Until we got, a week before we were allowed to pick him up, a non standard-purchase agreement (strangle construction) from the breeder, with non legal REQUIREMENTS, such as…

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Sangi’s first walk in the forrest

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Together with all the other puppies, breeder Sandra took them to the forrest for their first walk. Another few days waiting before we can take him home…. Picture: Sangi at 6 weeks posing as a real show dog ?.

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Kyana a little sick

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Last Thursday Kyana has been sterilized. She needs a cap on for 9 to 14 days, but that’s so pathetic. So yesterday, on the advice of the vet, I bought baby onesies and today I made them into cat suits… Too bad that Kyana bites through it, so it can only be worn under supervision.

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2nd visit Sagni

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Today we visited Sangi for the second time. We had to make a decision today, but I already fell in love with ‘our’ Sangi. Luckely also Ruud … The visit was much too short. Another few weeks and then we can take him home. We are so curious how he will react to our other animals. Until then we have…

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Finally sleeping

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Kittens really do have boundless energy. Finally after hours racing through the house, together with sibling Khimo, she fell asleep right next to me. Totally in love with her.

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